Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ocelot Cat

Ocelot cat has a body yellow / golden brown, decorated with dots and black-eyed irregular lines of dark brown. Decorations serve as camouflage and lets the cat Ocelot to stay hidden in the woods and forests. Layer of yellow / golden brown underlying vary depending on the type of environment where Ocelot cats. Forest life Ocelot cat will usually show the basic colors yellow or even dark brown, while the Ocelot cats that live in dry environment will benefit from a layer of cream-colored pale and more.

Perfect cat Ocelot adapted to life in the dense environment to grow. It is equipped with eyes big and strong and has exceptional vision even when the light rare. They can climb, and want to get long hair during the day, but most of the hunting took place on land where they eat the rodents and amphibians. Ocelot is a night cat active, and using the center stalk prey odor and sharp vision for the final attack. Ocelot cat will also include small monkeys, birds and snakes in the food and can also catch fish. This is a skilled swimmer. If the cat Ocelot had the opportunity, they will hesitate to attack pets such as birds and young pigs. Ocelot cats but will prevent animals larger than itself, and the majority of victims is much smaller than 20 - £ 35 Ocelot cat. This means that the adult pigs, dogs, etc. will not be considered victims. Wild dogs and foxes really Ocelot cat will attack and eat them.

Ocelot is a region of up to 3 square miles and Ocelot cat will use the dirt to mark its territory. Ocelot cats can be very territorial and hard to defend territory against each other Ocelot cat. Territorial disputes can even cause death, but some Ocelots seem to accept other members of the same sex during the day when you do not compete for food. Ocelot cat has been seen resting together in the same tree during the day. Male and female cats can also share the same area. Ocelot male cat will make the trip much longer than her every night, and a male territories can overlap so that several women. Some sources claim that Ocelot cats are solitary animals and that cats, male and female meet only to mate. But other sources reported on the men and women form couples, to hunt together and even produce voice mengiau to keep in touch.

Ocelot cats usually female will be ready to breed at the age of 18 months, and will continue to breed until 13 years or more. Ocelot cat breeding age males span 15 months to 15 years. Ocelots rare wild plants older than 15 years. Breeding will often occur between September and November, but the Ocelot cat can breed for the rest of this year. Females will set the space in the cave, shrub or tree grows dense hollow. Thorny vegetation appreciated. Ocelot at the time of pregnancy for about 70-80 days. A special stretcher will consist of 2-4 young. New-born cat Ocelot has closed eyes and dark coat. When they are around 2 months, they will follow their mother out of the workspace. Ocelot kittens remain with their mothers until they are 2 years old.

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