Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Siberian Tiger

Siberian tiger is also known as Amur tiger, Manchurian tiger, the tiger and Northeast China tiger Ussurian. Latin name of Panthera tigris is altaicia.

Siberian tiger can reach a length 130 inches (286 cm) making it the largest of the different variants of the tiger. Siberian tiger has a very large nose than other tiger variants and male Siberian tigers usually have manes. The length of a special body for a male Siberian tiger is 106-130 inches (233.2 to 286 cm) while the female is smaller and usually live between 95 and 108 inches (209 and 237.6 cm). Macan measured from nose to tip of tail. Their male Siberian tiger is much heavier than the female tiger and usually weight 419-675 lb (190-306 kg). Male Siberian tiger really big weight 800 pounds (364 kg) or more. Female Siberian tigers tend to live in the vicinity of 221-368 lb (101-168 kg).

Mantle of the Siberian tiger is orange and slightly paler than other tiger subspecies mantle of. There is also a very pale variant known as the White Siberian tiger. Both variants have brown stripes very much space as compared with black lines and the narrow space of the other subspecies. Belly white.

Siberian tigers living wild in eastern Russia, northeastern China and North Korea. Previously, wild Siberian tigers can also be found in southeastern Russia and South Korea. Siberian tiger a near extinct in the wild, but has the largest captive population of all the different subspecies of tiger. Estimates claim that there are between 350 and 500 wild Siberian tigers, but we still do not know the total course. In the captive population, about 500 specimens of the conservation program, including the Species Survival Program (SSP). Most of the specimens was down from 83 Siberian tigers captured from nature. Many scientists agree that this population is large enough to be stable and genetically diverse.

Siberian tiger wild boar hunting, especially deer and wild, and every Siberian tigers require large territories. Male Siberian tiger would try to claim territory around 800 to 1.000 km2 (309-390 mile2), while women generally claim about 100-400 km2 (39-154 mile2). Typical range for Siberian tigers is birch forest and scrub oak areas.

In Russia, a known amount of wild Siberian tigers are not larger than 24 specimens in the 1940s. In 1994, estimates show the population of Russia 150-200 tigers and three years later this figure rose to 360-400. The total increase for conservation efforts and the hedge to be appointed in Russia: Kedrovaya Pad, Sikhote-Alin and Lazovsky. Because the Russian tiger explore a wide area and across the Russian border, exactly the number of tigers in Russia is naturally difficult to determine. Chinese and North Korean tiger population is much smaller and estimates show that currently there are less than 35 Siberian tigers in China.

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  1. Only the BENGAL tiger carry the white gene.
    White tigers are a result of heavy inbreeding, often with a bengal/amur mix.