Tuesday, November 6, 2012

English Mastiff The Giant Dogs


The English Mastiff was probably brought to England before the time of Christ. It was used by the Romans as a gladiator dog and pitted against bears, bison and other dogs. History as the domestic dog as a companion guardian, guards and sheep.

At the end of the Second World War almost extinct breed in the UK but it was reintroduced with a lead in Canada and the growing share today.


The English Mastiff is one of the heaviest of the English dog types and perhaps over 200 pounds (90kg). No matter from the point where the dog is observed transmit power from his muscular body. Having a heavy square head. They are shorthaired dogs in a variety of colors including silver, Brindle fawn, gold fawn, and apricot.


Despite their large size of the English Mastiff is a dog with a calm dignity. They are kind and defend their family, but they have a tendency to stop the attackers and detained them, basically by standing on them and drooling over those who would intimidate many people half dead without the "threat" supplements. In general, more relaxed English Mastiff dog back from the other "protection" and is definitely more lethargic.


Minimum treatment requirement except when they are shedding and then they get profit from comb every day.


They need to take a walk every day.


They need a gentle but consistent training. They may be difficult to train, but they should receive some training if only contains aggressiveness. They need socialization as slim size and strength is awesome, and deliberately fed mastiff is not a view that you even want to imagine, never mind experience.

One of the important factors mastiff owners should realize there is no time and no time mastiff, and each candidate from the owner of the mastiff should be aware of certain facts, and one of them is that the dog is not obedient mastiff. This is a matter of temperament and their hard Wills, which means they tend to do their own thing. This means that it can be difficult to prove to a mastiff that you can make it do something. This is how mastiffs are, it is their temperament and nature, and it does not mean do not have a mastiff, but it is a very clear message does not get on the wrong side of a mastiff. They are certainly not a dog for experienced dog clairvoyant, they need a company that consistently operate, but they will not let you treat them.

Ideal Weight: 150-160 lbs / 67-72 kg
Average height: 27-30 inches / 69-76 cm
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years


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