Sunday, July 22, 2012

Red Flying Ants

Red Flying Ants are not certain species of ants. Many different species of ants produce male and female flies (queen) to reproduce. Flock of flying ants and their spouses, and the fertilized queen will lose their wings and start a new ant colony. Flying red ants for the men and women produced by the colony of red ants. Red ants also often known as fire ants, because they can give a powerful shock.

Red Flying Ant - Classification
When you see a red flying ants, can be gathered on one of the more than 280 different species. All species and subspecies of red ants found in the genus Solenopsis in Solenopsidini quarter. All members of the genus Solenopsis has a set of individuals on the median anterior clypeal margin.

Red Flying Ant - Nuptial Flight
Red flying red ants men and women who took part in the flight called marriage. During the marriage flight, both sexes would meet and marry. This happens every year, but small and newly established colony of red ants could not participate because most of the ant colony to wait until it becomes very large before they produce any fertile stud and women. When the marriage ceremony, the female red flying ant will lose its wings and started looking for suitable places to establish new nests. Ants flying red bull will die shortly after mating. Some female red flying ant will sometimes form colonies together, but only one of them will last. In one year, a single queen can create a colony consisting of thousands of ants.

Red Flying Ant - Sting
Just as the winged red ants, red ants fly can give a powerful shock. Most of the species of ants will bite you and eject acid format over the wound, but the red ants, including flying red ants, are different. Flying red ants always be avoided because they would use their jaws for holding a steady and then inject a toxic alkaloid poisons from the stomach. This poison has some attractive qualities, but as good pesticides and antibiotics. Ant members have therefore recommended that the poison is not only a means to protect individuals against the ant nest and the attackers; ant treatment may also pancutkan more offspring to protect the eggs and pupae of harmful micro-organisms.

Red Flying Ant - First Aid
Flying red ant poison can cause severe illness, but essentially harmless to humans. Some individuals, but far more sensitive to toxic red ants from other airports and for those flying red ant bites can be deadly for anaphylaxis.

Distinctive red flying ants bite symptoms are swollen bumps that gradually turned into a white pustule. Can also be severe pain and itching are common. It is common for victims to be bitten by a large number of flying red ants simultaneously, an attack that would naturally produce a lot of annoying bumps and / or pustula. If you want to reduce the pain, you can use a bleach solution containing 50 per cent and 50 per cent of water immediately after being bitten. If you manage to brush from fire ant bites before any poison is injected, the acne will not grow.

Pustula caused by toxic red flying ant will usually be the way without further treatment, but as with all types of wounds there is always a risk of infection. Pustula keep clean and carefully check the early signs of infection because it is organized. If itching persists, antihistamines or topical corticosteroids can be implemented.


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