Wednesday, July 25, 2012

White Tigers Animal

White tiger Bengal tiger born from a recessive gene that produces their full layer of white descent. While most white tigers have a white coat with black stripes on it, a rare white tiger is really white. Some white tigers have a pink nose and white to off-white stucco with gray, black or chocolate colored stripes on them. Their eyes most of the blue, though sometimes they have a yellow or green eyes. Although the white tigers are very popular because of their exotic appearance, there is very little of them left. In India alone, less than 20 of the tigers have been seen in the last 100 years or more. 

Some of the white tiger was found in the local proposals and the zoo, where they attract the public. While the white tiger is found in the wild is not sub species, which grows white tiger in captivity usually yield a cross between two species. Although various kinds of Bengal Tigers have a special colored mantle of fire, they have a gene for white. Rare, and because the cross, a white tiger also occurs in species of Siberian or Amur, too. Several Amur tigers are Bengal tigers married. So in addition to white tigers and white Bengal tigers have also Amurs generic white races. 

White tiger also called chinchilla tigers or tiger ice, showing the name of their white suits and not their habitat. White tigers are not albino. A pure white tiger, in one of the rare sightings in the wild, have been described to have a completely white fur with a line pattern seen under reflected light. Stripeless very rare white tigers. 

White tiger is believed to have certain characteristics that differ from their peers more generally. This tigers grow faster and therefore more weight than their cousins. White tiger is believed to have better vision and sprinter as well. No doubt, the white tiger is much more beautiful and attractive. But beauty also brought condemnation, what with so many people ready to boil and chop. To meet their demands, the white tiger breeding usually suffer from depression due to marital flesh. Previously, a deliberate attempt to produce a white tiger cub by mating closely related tiger has resulted in a dramatic toll on his descendants. Breeding father to daughter and brother with brother is causing a surge in the number of them. Typical signs of depression include captivity curved spine, crossed eyes, short neck and legs bent. As inbreeding worsen, the number of stillborn babies and abortions also rose, and some baby birds often die from the disease last a mystery. Because all these factors working against them, the white tigers in captivity generally grow shorter than the age of their cousin. 

Pressure from the industry who are willing to buy a white tiger with selangit price has caused the situation worsens. In some parts of the world, competition is intense that her pickles are usually killed at birth. White tiger revered in some traditions with them as God preying China West. In S. Korean white tiger is a symbol of Yin and Yang and the Hundu mythology, the white tiger is considered as an incarnation of God. In India, it is even believed that killing a white tiger can cause death within one year. Unfortunately, all myth but do not help keep the number of white tigers.

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