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There are nearly 5,000 species of lizards scientific descried, all belonging to the same order as the snake: Squamata. Lizard group is very different from lizards have adapted to various habitats and occupy all continents except Antarctica. Lizards do not like very different in size, Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) can reach 313 cm long (10.3 feet), while some small gecko and chameleon measure only a few centimeters as adults. First of all, even the larger lizards explore the earth, now extinct mosasaurs such water is not reaching 17.5 meters (57.4 feet) in length.

Lizard Taxonomy

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Superclass: Tetrapoda
Class: Reptiles
Order: Squamata

Squamata is the last place the largest reptiles, including lizards and snakes and. Traditionally, the book has been divided into three subordo:

Serpentes (snakes)
Lacertilia (lizards)
Amphisbaenia (worm lizards)
New research however elaborate on the relationship of evolution in Squamata order Squamata and new classification divides into two subordo:

  • Suborder Iguania (agamids, chameleon, iguanids, and the New World lizards)
  • Suborder Scleroglossa

Infraorder Anguimorpha (alligator lizards, monitors, galliwasps, Gila monster, slow-worms, etc.)
Infraorder Amphisbaenia (worm lizards)
Infraorder Gekkota (gecko)
Infraorder Scincomorpha (whiptail lizards, geckos, and lizards Europe pm)
Infraorder Serpentes - (snake)
The relationship between subordo remain uncertain and further research is needed.

Lizard Treatment

With more than 5,000 different species of lizards, it is almost impossible to give detailed guidelines that will apply to all kinds of pet lizards. It is very important to study lizards to know your specific treatment needs before you take it home. If you fail to find information about the particular species, examine the same species of the genus can provide valuable guidance. Also keep in mind that you can learn a lot about treatment lizards need to learn about how species living in the wild.

Lizards can be very cheap to buy, but they tend to need a lot of expensive equipment. Before you decide to get a pet lizard, make sure you have an estimate for the true care for it. Also make sure you know the maximum size of adults of the species you choose. A six foot iguana probably not the right choice for your home.

Lizard Feeding

Always research your specific species of lizards to determine nutritional needs. Some lizards are carnivorous, some herbivora, and some omnivora. When we keep the lizard in our homes, we take them from their natural environment, which means that their diet may need slight advantage. A lizard that used to be able to produce lots of vitamins to bask in the sun, may for example result in much lower amounts under a small UV-in terrarium and therefore need to diet more rich in vitamins than what is needed in the wild.

If you keep a few lizards, can be a good idea to set the station to eat a few to avoid clashes and ensure that each lizard food.

When eating carnivorous lizards, food presentation is important. Especially when first introduced in the new food, lizards depends on stimuli like smell, sight and movement to see something as a victim. Ideally place food in shallow dishes in which the lizard can be examined. Do not place in the substrate, because the gecko ingests many substrates while eating and may even die because of constipation. Place dishes in a separate dining area will make cleaning easier.

Most of the herbivora lizards will do our best when still on a diet that mainly consists of fruits and vegetables, with the occasional treat in the form of grains (including rice). It's important to choose foods that are rich in nutrients. In some cases, multi-vitamin supplement will be needed.

Breeding Lizard

N.B! If you do not plan to breed your lizards, many species will do best if spayed or dikebiri. This is especially true for large lizards. Egg laying and the pregnancy is the general cause of death in women lizard.

In order Squamata, you can search for oviparous species, vivipar and Ovoviviparous. Some species, including the iconic Komodo, able to reproduce in asexual if necessary to do partenogenesis. There are also lizards, such as the Veiled recommended links, which can store sperm for artificial insemination in the females later. This can make it look like self-reproducing female offspring when mating is a result of which last a long time.

All male members of the order Squamata has installed the reproductive organs called hemipenis (hemipenis singles). Only one hemipenis is used at a time. Types of reproductive organs in the body are usually held inverted and everted only when the time for couples. Just as the human penis, hemipenis is equipped with a network erect. Since hemipenis should be able to be inverted and everted, there is no channel completely closed to conduction of sperm, but even equipped with a seal fluid flow as a series of growing erection. When not used, the inverted hemipenis hemipenal bulge different form at the bottom of the tail that can be used for sexual lizards and other members of the Squamata.

Hemipenis comes in many forms, depending on the species, and it is common for it to have spines or hooks to allow men to anchor itself in the female for kopulasi. Some species have a hemipenis branching, respectively, ended in hemipenis two tips.

Many types of lizards have special nursery and only time will marry after caused by environmental factors, such as days longer or more moist air. When mating, the male lizards will approach the female from the side and bites his neck. When it will close its kloaka, hemipenis soon will be vertical and the male will enter into a female.

Many farmers continue to lay the gecko lizard with incubation to ensure that eggs stored in appropriate conditions. Lizard egg incubation time was varied from species to species. The time from laying until hatching could be 50 days and 120 days, up to examine the specific species you are strongly recommended.

Many lizard species eat their own children if they stay together after hatching.

Lizard Health

All types of lizards have different characteristics and habits, and learn to recognize normal behavior in your pet will make it easier for you to see health problems in the early stages while they may still be relatively easy to fix.

Stress, improper diet and environmental conditions can lead to inappropriate long string of health problems in lizards to examine the needs of your particular species is the best way to prevent health problems.

As mentioned above, you can reduce the risk of poor health in many species of lizards by having them spayed or dikebiri. This is especially true for large lizards.

Finally, it is important to remember that reptiles can be infected with Salmonella bacteria can be transferred to their human guardians.

Lizard Facts

Lizard fact # 1
Many species of lizards have highly developed eyes, the eyes and can see many different colors, and quite a lot of them can even see ultraviolet light.

Lizard fact # 2
Lizards use body language and, in some cases, changes in color and display color to communicate with each other. Anole lizards famous for their bright colored dewlap, skin patch which is located in the throat where it remains hidden until the gecko decides to display it. To establish the hyoid bone, lizard dewlap will increase which means that the large vertical flap full color will be seen below the head. In the anole lizard, dewlap color varies from species to species of lizards and some even have patterns that can only be seen under ultraviolet light.

Lizard fact # 3
Most lizard species are harmless to humans and really help us to keep insect populations and other potential pests in check. Really large predators such as Komodo lizards can stalk, however, attack and kill people. Two species of venomous lizards known to have a bite: the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) and Beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum), but there was no report from the poison they had caused the death of a human bite. But bites are painful and of course there is always the risk of infection.

Lizard fact # 4
Many species of lizards can drop their tails to escape from predators.

Lizard fact # 5
Lizards valued as food in many parts of the world, including Central America where the iguana is traditionally served around Easter and northern Africa where uromastyx lizards are eaten by the tribes of nomadic desert.

Lizard Lifespan

Average age of lizards vary widely from species to species.

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