Friday, July 27, 2012

Koala Bear

Koala bears are marsupials which gets its name from the indigenous word meaning 'no drink'. Curious said shows how Koala bear water supply - from the eucalyptus leaves. The case of drinking water only when ill or when water supply from the leaves is not enough. Koala bears are often mistakenly believed to be related to the bears. Its hairy body, small ears, and almost no tail does not allow this assumption. But even if looks like a bear, it is a small marsupial tree dwelling slow.

At times, there are various types of Koala. Today, all but one of them has passed away. Koala bears live in a bushland and most are found in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. Just like humans, Koala bears live in the community and the need for networking with other Koala. They are very territorial and individual Koala even defend their own 'home' district. This is one reason why the Koala bear support for forest tree Eucalyptus tree Eucalyptus have enough to support a healthy population of the Koala and support the expanding needs of growing boys. Koala can know that the other bear's tree and have their own tree. Koala is suitable for living in trees. It has a very good sense of balance, a strong body and grip. Rough sleepers in your feet and hands allow Koala applied to enable them to hold the tree firmly. They had a thumb claw-like fingers that allow them to hold good.

Koalas in the wild appear only as comfortable for them. They are very fussy and finicky food, because they will eat only gum that taste they leave their clothes. Of the 600 varieties of Eucalyptus trees found in Australia, Koalas usually leave most of the species only. Only one or two of the type favored by bears. To help them, Koala bears have an excellent sense of smell.

Eucalyptus diet naturally highly toxic to most animals. But Nature has equipped Koala bear with special adaptations to deal with this kind of diet. They have a digestive system that allows them to detox the poison. Koala bears have a very slow metabolic rate and this allows them to sleep for 15-18 hours a day. It also allows them to store food longer in the stomach and thus defend the Koala bear latest bit of energy from the food they eat. Koala-bears have teeth adapted to bite the 300-500 pounds of leaves they eat every day. A gap between teeth allowing the bear to move the food in her mouth.

Koala bears have thick fur and feathers that protect them from extreme temperatures. Hair has a fine coat of oil that helps to repel water when it rains. Koala lower body padded with dense thick hair coat that protects the body from the branches and the hard cover is sitting on. Koalas are nocturnal animals so most of their foraging activities carried out after dark. This is so that they will lose a minimum amount of moisture.

Become a berkantung, Koala bear gave birth to a later held safely in a pocket. The Joey (or young) slide into a pocket by itself, and then hook on one dot that swells to fill his mouth, to hold securely in a pocket. Young developing eyes, hair and body in a bag. Finally, the young go out and ride in the back of his mother before ready to face the world alone.

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