Friday, July 27, 2012

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears, also known as the Brown Bear, is a large predator distinguished by distinct hump on the shoulders and long claws for finger nails man. Most of the grizzly bear has a darkish brown color overlay can even vary from light cream to black as well. Grizzly bears have a long nose and big head. The bears get their gray appearance of long guard hair on their backs and shoulders of the white at the tips.

Very large brown bear .. and underestimate it! Male bears can weigh up to 1,000 pound or more of the sheer mass and female touch cool £ 500 if they have a mind to. They stood a magnificent 7 ft high. Alaska and British Columbia coast and some islands such as Kodiak and Admiralty can be proud of the heftiest seen a bear. Consistent diet consisting of high supply of protein to help bear grizzly salmon to grow.

Size has no bearing on the agility and speed of this handsome animal. This can easily reach speeds of 40 mph when in the mood. Grizzly bears found in various habitats from the Arctic tundra with dense forests and grasslands subapline. Brown bears are estimated to have lived in the Great Plains of North America, but browsing humans have caused them to adjust to life in the mountains, dense forests and caves. Grizzly-bears active at night in the box, which means that most of the activities they do at night. Oddly, although true hibernators do not bear them to sleep during the winter. But they are quick to wake up if disturbed. Female grizzly bears are ready for sexual activity at the time they reach 5-7 years. Female internal system has been designed so that fertilization occurs and the baby arrived just too late in January and February while the mother hibernate. Waste usually contains 2-3 baby birds and the young lion will remain with their mothers until they are 3-4 years old. Because the mother has her hands full of care and treatment of children, he will not bear again until the children leave. Consecutive stretchers have a 3-5 year gap between them.

Grizzly bears eating habits shows how advanced it is in the case of adaptation. This is omnivora, which means will eat plants and meat. Leaves, roots, grass, fruit, fruits, fish, carrion, and small mammals consists of a gourmet meal from the average bear. In some districts, a large brown bear, but specialize in eating large mammals such as deer, deer and caribou. District adjacent water body flowing and gushing have seen an increase in taste for fresh salmon and a large population of bears congregate to eat the spoil of this article. In short, brown bears have adapted to the environment so well that they eat anything available in the territory of residence.

Big grizzly bears usually loners and prefer their own company. They live in a community only for child raising season, or when food in abundant supply. Depending on location, grizzly bear sleep for about 5-8 months during the time they use all the stored fat. It is very natural that they got very hungry and very bad. They gorge during the summer and autumn to develop proposals that enough fat to see them through the Denning. This is especially true for women who gave birth to her son one pound and then nurse them for 20 pounds of baby birds - as well eat anything. Head of violent and very territorial when it comes to protecting their babies. Most grizzly bears live up to 25 years in the wild.

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