Friday, July 27, 2012

Brown Bear

Brown bears abound in forested mountains, grasslands and areas with plenty of water and lots of fresh plants. They are found in North America, Europe and Asia. Grizzlies are a different species of brown bear sub. Brown bear, black bear closely related. But they are often mistaken for a bear because they grow black and gray coat different. Male bear weight up to 700 pounds while females weigh about 350 pounds. As they stood on their feet, they reached nearly 7 feet tall, and they do not stand as a sign of a threat, not those who are curious and want to see more. Big shoulder muscles and rolling strong and long claws help the bear to dig in the soil, take check etc

As winter draws near, brown bear preparing to hibernate. Bears the most weight over right before their hibernation period than later. This is because during the fall, bears are busy eating of it can continue. Necessary to prepare the fat for 4-7 months when it has to go without food. During this period of black bears may chew almost 40 kilos of food a day. When cold settle in, clumsy bear waddles into the cave and into the deep sleep for a time all his body functions slow down, to minimize energy loss.

One of the facts most interesting about the bear is a bear female enters the cave had become pregnant with her son. When it's time arrived, the mother bear did not even recognize one youth out. New panda baby weighs almost a pound. It slid into position so it can feed. At the time of completion of a bear holding up, baby bear will achieve a comfortable weight. Mama milk is very rich in fat and provides the baby with the necessary calories. For this reason, the female bears should have a very good suggestion of fat in the body. Embryo in the womb to grow only if he has a pile of fat needed. Nearly one of every 2-3 baby birds die before completing their first year of life. Many died from disease, some hunger. Large animals, even the child's own father, can be a threat if the children are separated from its parent. This is why young children live with their mother until they are old enough to manage themselves. Mother usually protects the baby.

Many bear chocolate love vegetarian diet, but they add their diet with fish and small mammals. Many bears have adapted to the food most easily available in their area. For example, the bears that live near the river gorge on fresh fish, especially salmon that fill these rivers. For all large amount of fat they carry around, they are surprisingly agile and quick. They can reach speeds of 35mph in short bursts. But they are slow to increase their body fat because they're tired.

Brown bears, as bears, are loners. They avoid people if they can help it. They only had three wishes in life - to find food, find a partner and avoid danger. Brown bear most active during the morning or late evening. Some even prefer to be nocturnal. This is to prevent loss of body heat that full view in the daytime can cause. Brown bears like to sleep away the hottest hours of the day in their day-bed with a thick canopy of leaves to protect them from heat.

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