Friday, July 27, 2012

Black Bear

Much to the consternation of many people, black bears are not always black - they are sometimes brown, sometimes brown and sometimes (although rarely) even white! Some black bears have a white patch on their chest. Black bear is smaller than a bear, but undoubtedly very large. Most of the wild man reach up to 400-500 pounds while females vary between 100-300 pounds. Bear weight must depend on season, time of year and age of the bear itself. However, the heaviest known black bear weighed only 880 pounds man cool! Male black bears larger than females and can grow to 60-80 inches tall.

Black bears have very large brains as compatible with the body. This is one of the more intelligent mammals have excellent long-term memory. This black bear has a very good vision and can see quite well close. They see in color. When they relax, make a large black bear grunts, but they scream when they are nervous or irritated. They use their voices to express their emotions. Black bears are excellent swimmers and can swim at least half a mile when they were in fresh water. Black bears can hear and smell far better than most humans as well. For all their weight and clumsiness, black bears are fast runners, faster and faster. They can run uphill, down or flat. Speed ​​depends on the weight of the bear of course. When the bear fat in the winter, they are too hot to quickly and easily tired.

Some black bears active at night, mainly because they want to avoid people. If not, black bears become active a few hours before sunrise, sleeping by day in the course of the day and ended the day with sunset. But this is not a fixed pattern for a few bears to reverse this pattern. Black bears are very good hunters and omnivora in nature. They like to pound their meat and enjoy the fruits, leaves, seeds, vegetables and insects. Black bear adjust their sleep with the availability of food. In the South where food is available throughout the year, bears remain active throughout. But in the North when food is scarce between September and April, they hibernate. Bears that hibernate are usually slow their metabolism to meet the needs of the body to cover the lean months.

Black bears are usually found in deep forests of loss of human population. Starting from Florida to Northern Mexico and from Alaska to Canada. Some black bears moved to open the Tundra even where there are no bears. As a society, are beginning to learn more about bears, they have become more tolerant of bears. However, black bears most happy in a large forest abundant in vegetation, fruits and nuts. Marsh and the rain is the main source of succulent plants, while the river and pond water for cooling and drinking. When mothers have their babies tail like a rest in large trees with wrinkled bark for bedding sites. This is very safe.

Female black bears produce children between 5-7 years. Mating cycles depending on the availability of food. His new born weighing 1-2 kg at birth. Cubs usually stay with their mothers until they are 2-3 years old. When they are ready to marry again, her mother let them. Most black bears can live to 20 years or more if they are not hunted. But the bears that live outside the protection die for human intervention. Therefore, the bears are not protected flat live to 3-6 years.

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