Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ball Python

Ball python snake living soil is usually found at Savanna field or in the rainforest in the west to Central Africa. Especially the largest population available in the countries of Togo, Benin and Ghana. Ball python snake beautiful and powerful which can come in many different colors. Although they are usually black and brown, there are to date 62 different color morphs known as genetic. This will cause the ball python has a different color to the forest extending from albino pastel, from punctate to caramel.

Batch usually put up to 8 female ball python eggs will hatch the egg and within 60 days of the new ball python will see the light of day. Even a newborn baby, ball snake will know how to move, climb, and even hunting, natural born killers from the first day. Grow large enough ball python can be fearful sight to most people. It can reach a length of 6 feet (1.8 meters) wide and 6 inches (15 cm), although not very common to be large.

Name of the ball python is quite clear if you ever find one. The name comes from the fact that they usually roll up into tight ball every time a ball python feel threatened or nervous. With his head in the middle of the ball kept to protect the most important part of the snake. It does have teeth, but they are not used for defense and this snake is not poisonous, because it was not going to try to hide his head instead of using it for defense. These are mostly spherical appearance is what the first man to come in contact with, the name, the ball python.

Ball python to be the most active with a serpent evening twilight like that, usually spend daytimes are hidden from predators. While hunting the ball python is a murderer, looking for prey, and strangled with her strong and muscular, like all other constrictors. Many eat lizards and small mammals, ball python, also known to catch one or two birds. But the ball python is known for handling a long time without food.

As most of the ball python is a snake soft and want to know that over the escape from the struggle was transformed into the perfect pet snake. A variety of colors is also a reason can appeal. One thing to remember when kept in captivity is that snakes are not social animals ball. Together they will develop quickly into a hierarchy among themselves, while this may seem like a good thing that did not. Low-level snake will die of hunger as a leader will never eat all. If this last term will not even matter if you try to save a few snakes to move them to attach individual, they have accepted their fate and will refuse to eat. Ball python, also known as cannibalism at times, as pet owners you do not want the snake to eat each other.

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