Saturday, July 21, 2012

Anaconda Snake

Anaconda snake is a type of boa. This large and beautiful and come in four different types, green anaconda, yellow anaconda, anaconda anaconda dark spots and Bolivia. Anaconda snake is most often found in the marshes of tropical rain forest in South America and is really in the marshes of the island of Trinidad. This is water which means that he spent most of the time in water safety, and usually only come to land with the sun or to feed.

When the anaconda snake hunting for food, and more likely to be lying idle and wait for prey. With his nostrils and eyes on the top of his head, anaconda snake can move through the water and no one even suspects that it's there. Anaconda snake is not poisonous, but depending on size and sheer strength to defeat their prey. It is, though, have teeth, but this is only used to gain an initial stake of anacondas prey, then it will use muscle to eat drowned the future, such as sanctions, or drop into the water and sink it. Normal food for anaconda snake is mice, deer, fish, birds, sheep and even dogs, so when traveling through the area with anaconda snakes you might want to keep the rope short on Fido.

Anaconda snake does not chew the food, but, like all other snakes, swallow their prey whole starting with his head. This is for obvious reasons do not have the legs bend the other way. Anaconda snake jaw can unhinge and powerful muscles moving like a wave to attract and encourage more victims and more under the snake's mouth. Anaconda snake in the stomach to digest meat and further regurgitated bones and fur.

Most of the snake lied when eggs after mating, but some such as anaconda snakes give birth to live young. This makes them move and a little less directly exposed to at least the first time in their lives. An anaconda snake can live well into his thirties.

Local people who share the land with anaconda snakes kill them on sight, this is because often believed that snakes kill people. But most people do not live with snakes believe this because of false facts in the film. Anaconda snake that kill and eat humans, especially one, it would rather leave than face the angry snake man and even worse, not very suitable for a pet anaconda deaths caused by very little.

Apparently the name anaconda snake has traveled far. "Anaikondran" is a word of Tamil, a classical language with more than 74 million speakers in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, which means "elephant killer", probably referring to the giant snake that lived in parts of the world. As the people of Spain are found snakes travel widely during the American occupation, they only mention the name of the dragon is called elsewhere, then the name Anaconda snake.

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