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Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian dog information

The Pomeranian Spitz family and his ancestors in the sled dog who lives in Iceland and Lapland, Scandinavia. You can still clearly see how the Pomeranian is also adapted to live in a very cold and snowy. The Pomeranian her name but did not come from above the Artic circle; Pomerania is a region of Historical Eastern Germany. This district today jointly by Poland and Germany. In many countries, the Pomeranian breed is known as Zwergspitz, which means small in German Spitz. In this article, you will find plenty of information on Pomeranian dog, including a brief info on how to treat your dog and what to consider before getting a Pomeranian dog. If you require more detailed and comprehensive dog Pomeranian, do not hesitate to contact your local Kennel Club or Organization Pomeranian.

Pomeranian dog treatment

Pomeranian dogs resembling the mantle of Peking and should be brushed on a regular basis (against the hair) to stay without mats and often went brushing will also increase circulation and help prevent dry skin. Very little pruning is required and you only need to remove ragged hair. It should be noted that the Pomeranian will give a thick, luxurious coat Pomeranian calculated seasonal and that the children of the world's heaviest shedding toy.

When it comes to the whole body, Pomeranian dog treatment should involve the soft ear, tooth and nail treatment and this breed can not always bath as this can dry the skin and coat well. You also should avoid using anti-lice products regularly as this can remove beneficial oils from skin and hair. Sure enough seasonal bathing. Brush your teeth daily Pomeranian, or at least 1-2 times a week and avoid giving these foods. Special dental treats can be purchased.

Pomeranian puppy dog

Pomeranian puppy dog ​​even sweeter than the adult dogs are very cute, but before you decide to get one you should ask yourself whether you would be willing and able to treat this new member of your family for the next 12-15 years or even longer . Will you be able to provide it with sufficient, friendship and sports training? Are you able to take her to your vet? Are you willing to devote a reasonable amount of time for the treatment of Pomeranian dogs? You should also be remembered that the Pomeranians shed A LOT. Do not let the dog Pomeranian puppies unless you are okay with the find hair on all clothing, furniture and carpets. You will be forced to vacuum clean your house several times a week, if not the whole house will be discussed in a layer of hair ever growing Pomeranian.

Pomeranian dog training

The Pomeranian must have a mind of its own and did not want to learn and please the many other breeds. It is smart, but do not always use intelijennya to learn new tricks or understand your command. Therefore you should firmly fix that you are the pack leader, and who beg, sulk, or other forms of manipulation will not work on you. If your Pomeranian that you are weak and inconsistent, it will be assumed that it must be the pack leader because you are too much of the census to adequately protect the family and make the right decision. If you are on the other side Pomeranian show you that you are confident and strong, happy to accept you as pack leader and leave the decision up to you. This still will have a mind of its own, but the Pomeranian dog training will be much easier once you have learned to trust the pack leader. Do not ever forget that their ancestors Pomeranian is a sturdy sled dogs from Lapland in Scandinavia, and the offspring will always have their own - they should for example be able to determine that the rock was too weak and resigned of his own, not be happy to follow orders from car drivers skiing.

One important part of Pomeranian dog training is to take control over, when and why your Pomeranian barking. Pomeranians tend to bark at every new view and voice, and if you leave their own for long enough they can develop a bad habit of barking ceaselessly. High-pitched skin from Pomeranian will be enough to make you and your neighbors crazy in a short time, and the Pomeranian dog training because it must always include bark control. If you do not want to spend much time on the type of Pomeranian dog training and living in a place where you have neighbors, Pomeranian breed is not good for you.

Pomeranian dog breed

As mentioned above, the ancestors of the dog sled Pomeranians living in Iceland and Lapland, Scandinavia. Finally, the specimens from these dogs taken to Pomerania in Europe in which they are where they are selectively bred to be more like pets. Today the modern Pomeranian not be available until the 19th century. Previously, pet Pomeranians in which much larger and modern small Pomeranian for a wide range of selective breeding. British farmers are usually credited to a smaller breed, and also to add many new colors. Livestock Pomeranian dog really caught on when the Queen Charlotte British style make Pomeranian among the English aristocracy. This trend is driven even further when he was the grandson of Victoria brought Pomeranian to the moments he returned from vacation in Florence.

Pomeranian dog breeders

When choosing among the many Pomeranian dog breeders, it is important to choose a serious breeders who strive to develop a healthy dog ​​and disosialisasikan well. Puppy mill owners and is not responsible Pomeranian dog breeders will often bred Pomeranians, regardless of health status and genetic inheritance from their parents, and this type of breed Pomeranian greatly increases the risk of getting sick. Sometimes health problems will not exist until the dog is several years, so buy a dog Pomeranian dog looks healthy does not mean any guarantees.

Two of the most serious problems of health in Pomeranians hereditary collapsed trachea and patent ductus arteriosus (defective furnace). Luxing patella is also common, but more than a little dangerous because only involve strained knee. Turn off non-typical problems in Pomeranians are dry eyes, eye disorders and cataracts of water channels, while not life threatening but they are serious because they can cause blindness. These problems can bermanifestasi as early young adulthood. Skin problems, including allergies, also common in the type of Pomeranian dogs. Another example of the leading health problems Pomeranian dog breeders are trying to minimize the risk to be epilepsy, Follicular dysplasia (alopecia X), hypothyroidism, and hypoglycemia. Hip dysplasia and Legg-calve-Perhes syndrome can occur in Pomeranians, but because the dog breed Pomeranian are small risks are not high at all.

Pomeranian dog price

Difficult to give general guidance when it comes to price label Pomeranian dog, as a gift purchase the farmers very much different. The price also depends on whether you want the dog Pomeranian dogs, young and well-trained dog, or dogs that live in shelters or have relocated from the current owner. The most important thing is to ask yourself what you get for your money. Do you get a Pomeranian puppy vet examined, de-wormed and vaccinated or will you have to pay for this from your own pocket? What farmers used the old Pomeranian dog healthy, or you buy from puppy mill owner who only uses whatever it can find old people and force them to produce puppies as much as possible each year? If you buy your Pomeranian dog from leading breeders, you will greatly increase your chances of ending with the health and well disosialisasikan Pomeranian that will stay with you for a minimum of 12-15 years. Some Pomeranians are very healthy but has grown to be 20 years old! Try to save a few dollars on the purchase price Pomeranian dog from a puppy mill because of the bad idea, as you increase the risk of dog to get expensive treatment of animals and / or die prematurely.


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