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Akita Dog

Akita dog information

Derived from the Japanese island of Honshu, Akita dogs have been used for many purposes. Originally bred to be the watchdog of the empire, Akita is also used for fighting, bear and deer hunting, and sledding. Which breed has also been used by Japanese police and soldiers. In this article, you will find lots of interesting information Akita dog. Would you like to know that the dog Akita has webbed feet which makes it a very capable swimmer? It is also equipped with the insulating layer and the mantle, outer coarse water-resistant. In Japan, the Akita name pronounced AH-ki-ta, with emphasis on the AH. In English, most people prefer to use the name of KEE-ta, with emphasis on the middle syllable.

Akita dog treatment

These dogs come with a layer of short hair, coarse and stiff and requires a lot of treatment. Brushing your dog with the hair brush is an important part of treatment at the right Akita dog. Bathing, especially with shampoo and warm water, should be avoided because it removes natural Waterproofing coat and can cause dry skin. The Akita change its coat twice a year and then will give a lot. Akita dog can live happily in a clear, long as you provide it with adequate amounts of outdoor sports. In the room, the dog of this type of active enough.

Akita puppy dog

Akita puppy dog ​​is being charming, but before you decide to take one home you should ask yourself whether you will be able to treat this dog for the next 10-12 years or even more. You also need to determine whether this type is the type that suits you. Akita puppy dog ​​get not a good idea if you want a small dog with low levels of maintenance that do not shed. You should also keep in mind that these are dogs that are naturally suspicious guardian and often aggressive towards humans and animals, especially when food is involved. You should spend more time training and socializing your dog Akita to make it a suitable pet. Akita puppy dog ​​get a good idea if you want a dog with the appearance, rough wolf-like howl that not a lot.

Akita dog training

As mentioned above, the right Akita dog training is needed if you want to change this charge / fighting dogs became pets disosialisasikan well. This is a very smart breed and loving that responds well to training soon realized that you are the pack leader. Early socialization and good views with foreign persons is an integral part of Akita dog training, because this dog is naturally suspicious of anyone outside their own household. In Japan, the mother will leave the Akita dogs that are responsible for their children if they have to leave home. Akita dog will stay and defend the baby against all intruders. As you can see, this is the type that need to get outlets to maintain a strong tendency, if not it will start to look after your children well, and may end up attacking postman.

Akita dog breed

According to the American Kennel Club, the purpose of captivity Akita dog should develop a strong dog, alert and heavy boned. This dog has a lot of material. Large head to be balanced with a tail, high set of curved and brought back or the hip. Curl to three quarters, full or double.

Akita dog breeders

When purchasing a Akita dog, it is important to keep the knowledgeable and responsible breeders are trying to minimize the risk of hereditary health problems in the breed. It is also important to stay away from Akita dog breeders who use dogs for breeding mentally unstable, and farmers who do not provide the puppies with the right socialization training for an important first weeks of their lives. Examples of related health problems are hip dysplasia breed, hypothyroid, autoimmune thyroiditis, skin problems and entropion.

Akita dog price

Akita dog prices vary a lot, and the important thing is to find out what you actually get your money. Akita dog price is high because farmers have invested much time, energy and money in creating a healthy puppy and disosialisasikan well, or is the price high Akita dog just because the seller is a farmer, greedy irresponsibly by producing young are as soon as possible? You should for example always check whether your Akita puppies offered vet examined, vaccinated and de-wormed.

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