Friday, July 20, 2012

Gecko The Small Lizard

Gecko is a lizard found in the Gekkonidae family. They are the Squamata order of reptiles and geckos belonging to the smallest to the secondary. Geckos name is derived from gekok (Bahasa Indonesia) said that mimics gecko Java make noise. They are the only lizards that vocalise and communicate with high say smth. Abruptly.

Gecko species can be found in warmer climates around the world. There are about 2000 species of geckos called knowledge but a new species found on a regular basis. Examples of this case is the fact that the world's smallest gecko, Jaragua sphaer, found in Dominican Republic in 2001. Jaragua sphaero grow to the size of 16 mm (0.6 inches).

Many lizards have no eyelid geckos that make them easy to distinguish from other lizards. The family owned Eublepharinae However geckos have eyelids to make them difficult to separate from other lizards. Not close their eyes have a clear membrane which they lick clean.

Geckos that produce foul-smelling material and dirt in the defense against predators and other intruders felt. Many species can also drop their tails to avoid predators. Tail then grows back.

Geckos are known for their ability to stick to any surface, the tendency is made possible by a myriad of tiny hair on their legs. Even so only a few gecko species that can do this extraordinary feat despite all geckos are great climbers. In the best clingers, every square millimeter, respectively fotpad contains about 14,000 hair like setae. Each Seta in turn tipped with between 100 and 1,000 spatulae. Each spatula is 200 billionths meters. A style called van der Waals interaction between the spatulae and the surface itself and is in charge of the gecko falling from the surface. Popular leopards gecko spatulae not have and can not be attached to the wall.

Some species of geckos has been moved to our house and the house made their natural habitat. One example is the aptly named House geckos. Guest house geckos are generally valued because they eat insects. Not all known species of geckos carnivores, however, some eating fruit and nectar and prefer not to live outside where there are many flowers and fruits.

Gecko is the largest species of geckos Delcourt (Hoplodactylus delcorti) from New Zealand. This species, but is believed to have vanished during the early 19th century. Delcourt gecko is 60 cm and is only known from a specimen kept in a museum in Marseille, France. As mentioned above, the world's smallest gecko is growing to the Jaragua sphaero size from 16 mm (0.6 inches).

Male geckos can be very strong in their courtship of women and important to ensure that women can break from men advance if kept as pets. If he was not given the opportunity to hide and rest, courtship violence may kill him. There are several ways to help out women, one of which is to protect men and women are separated, the other is to keep enough women with men their own to spread the attention around. All species of gecko eggs.

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