Friday, March 29, 2013

Collie Dog Informations

Gathering information Collie dogs can be a bit confusing, because collie words used in no less than three names breeding work: Border Collie, Bearded Collie and Collie only. Latest generation comes in two varieties, Collie Rough Collie and delicate. The Collie Agriculture is the term used for a variety of different dogs herd in North America until the mid-1900s, but not the name of the breed. In addition, a small Shetland sheepdog sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Miniature Collie, but the Shetland sheepdog is a kind of completely separate with its own history of farming. Collie dog information in this article will focus on the Rough Collie, Collie type that rose to fame with the advent of very popular Lassie film.

An important part of treatment is right Collie is to provide your dog with good physical and mental stimulation. This is a working dog who loves to be active and use his brain, and without adequate amounts Collie training can develop serious behavior problems. You should not take you out to bermil Collie-mile from the walk, the important thing is that your dog is given many opportunities to be active and involved in activities of interest.

Coat Treatment is an indispensable component of the treatment Collie, as Collie mantle turned into a messy tangle without regular brushing. This breed warehouse lot, and if the hair is not going to clean this mat or ending around your home. Even if you brush your collie a few times a day you should expect only a few hair end up where they should not. Normal vacuum cleaner with Collie definitely call home.

Collie dog puppy is a little attracted to each other and a lot of children and adults have their own dream of "Lassie". Before you decide to get a collie pup, but you have to ask yourself if you are willing and able to provide this dog with the necessary amount of treatment for the next 10-15 years or even longer. You should also ask yourself if "Lassie" absolutely perfect breed for you. Are you ready to spend time every day in the treatment of mantle? Can you handle shedding weight? It should also be noted that Collies can be very barky if left alone too much and they have a tendency to listen to and chase children and pets. When collie herd, they bite the heels of an object that is "necessary" to be herded.

Collie Dogs are intelligent creatures who like to work and live. If you do not have sheep to the flock, you must provide with other forms of training where the Collie dog was allowed to use the body and brain. Collie known as advanced compliance and agility training. Collie training for dogs, it is important to remember that Collies are very sensitive to stress and harsh words. Firm voice say NO enough for your Collie to get the message, no need to yell or punish. Collie can even start being neurotic when others are being punished, for example if you have a habit of constantly yelling at your spouse or your children.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Collie dog breeding purpose is to create strong, intelligent dog, active and responsive. A Collie should be flexible and not bring useless wood. Deep chest should radiate strength, while the well-bent hocks give a sense of speed and grace. It is very important for every part of the body is in a harmonious proportion to every other part and whole. Timidity and unwanted frailness, and violence or sullenness should also be avoided when Collie dog breeding.

Because many books, films, radio programs and television episodes, Lassie is currently one of the most famous fictional dog in the whole world. Unfortunately, this makes a big deal to procreate because suddenly everyone wants to have their own "dog Lassie". Collie dog breeders began producing ugly puppy as much as possible, with a little about breed health and individual puppies. To make matters worse, Collies end up in the hands of owners who do not provide them with the necessary amount of exercise and stimulation, and breed will get a bad reputation because barky, nervous and outright crazy. Reputation Collie dog breeders today fighting to bring back the breed in track and maintain a good strain with Collies breed only healthy and mentally stable and sell well socialized puppies to homes where their needs can be met. When buying a Collie, it's very important to make your purchase from one of the leading Collie dog breeders, if not, you risk getting a dog that is not healthy or mentally ill dog.

Collie dog prices vary a lot from farmers to farmers, rather than staring at a price tag that you should use your investigative skills and find out what you really get your money. What Collie puppies have vet-checked, vaccinated and de-wormed? What is the old vet checked, happy, healthy, and good offspring? Are puppies are well cared for during the first week of life important? Trying to save a few bucks by going to Collie lowest possible price without investigating why low can be a very expensive decision in the long run.

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