Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alligators is Fantastica Animal

Alligators is a crocodile and reptile belonging to the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. They are similar to crocodiles but with a more relaxed behavior and rounded snout. There are two types of crocodile: one is the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) and the other is the endangered Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensi). The Chinese alligator is endemic to the Yangtze River valley and only a few tens of confidence left in the wild. Some breeding pairs in captivity and survival of this species may depend on breeding programs.

The American alligator is found in the south eastern United States. It can be found from eastern Texas to Florida. There are also reports of crocodiles from the Rio Grande and from Mexico despite these reports, as far as we know has not been confirmed. The majority of alligators living in Florida and Louisiana and each country is home to more than 1 million crocodiles.

The American alligator was once considered rare but has made a remarkable recovery, partly because the creation of crocodile farming to meet the market demand for alligator products to reduce pressure on wild populations. Most of the eggs for breeding were collected in the wild but this term also has beneficial effects on wild populations for providing economic incentives for land owners to keep their land suitable for crocodiles. Crocodile kept in the dark grow faster than the crocodile shone, a fact used by some farmers - especially when the young crocodiles. Getting out now allowed to hunt crocodiles in Florida and elsewhere.

Large alligators are territorial with males more than females. Small  alligators  more tolerant of each other and a large number of small  alligators  are often seen close to each other.  Alligators  are ambush predators, and for being able to be "bloody cold" go in a long time without eating, which means that they rarely need to actively pursue. Young  alligators  eat fish, insects, crustaceans, worms and snails. As they grow larger they will start to eat larger prey and crocodiles eat fish, especially large adults as Gars, turtles and other reptiles, mammals and birds. They are the top predators in their territory and even adult crocodiles may attack and eat beetles and black bear.

Ready to breed  alligators  around 180 cm / 6 ft and mating in early spring. Alligators  lay their eggs in mounds excavated by the female. The female alligator will protect the eggs and take care of children up to a year if they stay in the territory. He will also be carrying a baby  alligators  into the water. Crocodile gender is determined by nest temperature in the first three weeks. Incubation temperature from 86 ° F (30 ° C) or lower temperatures produce female and the clutch of 93 ° F (34 ° C) or higher produce entirely males. In nature usually have five daughters born to men, respectively. The number one threat to the young alligators  are other large  alligators  and not used for 50% of all young people to become victims of larger  alligators  in their first year.

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